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Welcome to ELIS, our International School in Alicante

We are an international school in Alicante with British curriculum school for boys and girls with more than 500 pupils aged 3 – 18 of more than 35 different nationalities on roll.

By being an international British school, our students benefit from the best from two worlds: the sound foundation from the Spanish Curriculum and the innovation and hands-on character from the British Curriculum.

Committed to the integral development of students from our international school in Alicante

From prioritising their wellbeing through caring and compassionate staff to fostering multilingual excellence and instilling a sense of global citizenship, we provide a holistic education that empowers students from our international school in Alicante to thrive academically and personally.

Nurturing Wellbeing

We know that a student needs to be well to learn well. Caring, compassionate staff, who hold high expectations of themselves and of our students, ensure positive relationships are fostered so our students are motivated, engaged and successful.

Multilingual Excellence

We offer an immersive multilingual education that fosters exceptional growth. By graduation, students attain certified proficiency in three languages. Our students achieve excellent academic results and are able to access the best global universities.

Global Citizenship

We are dedicated to unlocking global opportunities for our students, propelling them towards the world's best universities in Spain and beyond. Students are not only prepared academically but also nurtured to become well-rounded global citizens.


Meet our Headteacher,
Jon Wayth

With extensive experience and a passion for education, Jon Wayth brings a wealth of knowledge to El Limonar International School Villamartín.

His leadership embodies a commitment to fostering holistic growth and a dynamic learning environment for students.

“As Headteacher of ELIS Villamartín, as a teacher and as a parent, I base my work on a single, fundamental belief: children can, and will receive many gifts in life, but the only one that will truly stay with them forever is a high-quality education. We clearly see that the education we provide for our students must, first and foremost, open as many doors as possible for their lives after school has finished.”

- Jon Wayth, Headteacher

A World-Class Learning Environment in Alicante

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As a parent, it's important to me that my child is educated in an environment that values respect, kindness, and honesty.

– Year 3 parent

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