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Wellbeing & Support

Wellbeing sits at the core of everything we do
We know that a student needs to be well to learn well.

Our dedicated and empathetic staff, who set high standards for themselves and our students, always foster positive relationships. This also motivates our students, keeping them engaged and on the path to success.

How we implement pastoral care:

Education support

We meticulously monitor, assess, and regularly evaluate the progress of each individual child.

This proactive approach enables our student support team to step in promptly whenever our students require extra assistance or an innovative approach to enhance their learning journey.

This may involve providing support structures for their learning or pushing their boundaries to meet their needs, while focusing on their strengths to enrich their educational experience.


We firmly believe that emotional wellbeing and mental health are not only linked to academic achievement but also integral to our students leading fulfilling and joyful lives.

It is our aim for all our students to learn the necessary skills to deal confidently with the life stressors that they will encounter both during their journey through school and into the future.

Personal development

Our personal development care involves the whole school community and is inextricably linked with teaching and learning, promoting students’ personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes.

Our aim is to establish a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere where our students can confidently explore and cultivate essential skills, empowering them to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Child Protection

Safeguarding of our students is our utmost responsibility, encompassing the preservation of their health, wellbeing, and fundamental human rights.

Within our secure learning environment, we empower children with the skills needed to safeguard themselves, foster mutual support, express concerns, and instil the confidence to voice their own perspectives.

“The school fosters a nurturing and supportive environment where my child can thrive.”

– Secondary School Parent

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