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Primary School in Alicante

A well-balanced and enriching curriculum in our Primary School in Alicante

The Primary years provide the important foundation of skills and attitudes that prepare pupils for further learning and productive, fulfilling lives.

Pupils are encouraged to approach learning with The Primary years provide the important foundation of skills and attitudes that prepare pupils for further learning and productive, fulfilling contemplation and courage, creating a sense of confidence that raises personal expectations and the setting of achievable yet higher goals.

Foundation for a fulfilling future plenty of enriching experiences

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Our child is not only being prepared for future opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences but is also developing morally, culturally, and physically- We could not be prouder.

– Primary School Parent

Our curriculum in our Primary School

The school’s curriculum follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales in those subjects taught in English and meets the Spanish Ministry of Education requirements for Spanish language and culture.

From Year 5, pupils can choose to study a third language (German or French).

Our primary school in Alicante offers a balanced and broadly-based curriculum which:

  • Prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life

  • Promotes the moral, cultural and physical development of pupils at the school

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the core knowledge they need to be educated citizens. It helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

The programme is just one element in the education of every child and the school goes beyond the specifications to offer exciting and stimulating experiences.

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Extra-curricular activities are hugely important, not only are they a lot of fun but they provide a context in which students can develop the qualities and attributes that are so useful, both at school and later in life.

School of Music

Welcome to Music@ELIS, where your child can embark on a personalized musical journey. We offer high-quality music instruction alongside the National Curriculum from Early Years to Sixth Form.

Summer School

Our courses are open to all children, whether they attend ELIS Villamartín or not, and are designed to nurture creativity and artistic skills. Get ready for a summer of fun, learning, and making new friends!

A journey of growth and learning:

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English Immersion Programme in our Primary School

Pupils with little or no knowledge of English may be admitted to the school to join our English Immersion Programme, which last between a term to a whole academic year.

Pupils focus their efforts in learning English in order to raise their linguistic competence to such a level which allows them to operate in the mainstream class.

Primary Immersion Programme

Pupils (from Year 1 to Year 4) follow 2 or more lessons a day of intensive tuition in English and Mathematics, separate from the mainstream class, in small groups.

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