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Multilingual Education

Our students graduate with a highly proficient level in three or more languages
The vast majority of the school day. At least 80%, is taught through English.

We don't just teach English; we teach in English. Whether it's in the classroom, on the playground, or during the social and cultural activities integral to our curriculum, English is the language of instruction.

This unique approach makes the ELIS Villamartín educational programme equally suitable for native English speakers seeking a British curriculum education and for international students aiming to learn or enhance their proficiency in English, Spanish or additional languages such as German or French.

Multilingual Excellence

An immersive multilingual education that fosters exceptional growth.

Our students achieve excellent academic results and are able to access the best global universities.

Leading external language examinations

By the time they graduate, our students can fluently speak at least three languages.

100% Trustworthy and reliable international education

ELIS Villamartín holds accreditation and membership in a prestigious variety of associations and institutions.

Dual official Spanish & International qualifications

We seamlessly integrate language proficiency with globally recognized British and international qualifications, nurturing the skills and attributes essential for lifelong success.

Exceptional academic results

Highest grades at A-Level and Spanish university entrance examinations.

“The school's immersion method truly transformed my child's language skills.”

– Sixth Form Parent

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