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Preschool in Alicante

Discover our preeschool in Alicante (3-5 years)

Explore the programme of our excellent Preschool in Alicante, carefully designed to provide your child with the best possible start to their educational journey.

Housed in our state-of-the-art facility, we offer a secure, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children aged 3 to 5 years old. Here, they can develop their skills and embark on a bilingual learning journey in English and Spanish under the guidance of native teachers.

Discover our innovative Early Years facilities designed for young learners

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We are thrilled with the exceptional Early Years programme at El Limonar International School Villamartín. Our child has had the best possible start to their educational journey.

– Early Years Parent

Our curriculum

Our close collaboration with local nurseries ensures a smooth transition to our school, fostering a seamless educational experience.

Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses seven key areas of learning, including personal, social, and emotional development, physical development, communication and language, reading and writing, mathematics, knowledge of the world and expressive arts and design.

With our team of experienced and dedicated teachers, your child will receive a world-class education that establishes the foundation for a successful future.

ELIS Villamartin: Where talent thrives all year-round!


Extra-curricular activities are hugely important, not only are they a lot of fun but they provide a context in which students can develop the qualities and attributes that are so useful, both at school and later in life.

School of Music

Welcome to Music@ELIS, where your child can embark on a personalized musical journey. We offer high-quality music instruction alongside the National Curriculum from Early Years to Sixth Form.

Summer School

Our courses are open to all children, whether they attend ELIS Villamartín or not, and are designed to nurture creativity and artistic skills. Get ready for a summer of fun, learning, and making new friends!

Learning spaces in our Preschool in Alicante

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