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Academic Excellence

Achieving academic distinction

At ELIS Villamartín, academic excellence is not just a goal; it's a way of life.

We take immense pride in our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, accomplished individuals, and our path to academic distinction is paved with a series of impressive milestones.

Through rigorous External Language Examinations, coveted Accreditations and Memberships, the attainment of Dual Official Spanish & International Certifications, and a consistent track record of outstanding Academic Results, ELIS Villamartín stands as a beacon of exceptional education.

Leading external language examinations

By the time they graduate, our students can fluently speak at least three languages.

As part of the language programme of studies, students whose mother tongue is not English may prepare for the Cambridge University suite of exams.

Pupils in Primary have the opportunity to sit the Trinity College London English oral examinations from level 2 to 6, and the First Certificate in English (FCE-B2) and the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE-C1) in Secondary.

As part of their third language studies (German or French), students receive comprehensive preparation for the Alliance Française and Goethe Institut Examinations, covering levels A1 to C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

ELIS Villamartín's accreditation and preparation for a range of international language exams has given my child the opportunity to truly become a global citizen.

– Year 13 parent

100% Trustworthy and reliable international education

ELIS Villamartín holds accreditation and membership in a prestigious variety of associations and institutions.

The school proudly boasts accreditation from NABSS (National Association for British Schools in Spain) and holds recognition of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Additionally, the school serves as an authorised examination centre for Edexcel and operates as a preparation centre for Cambridge English and Trinity College Examinations.

Furthermore, our students have the opportunity to undertake examinations offered by Trinity, Cambridge, Alliance Française and the Goethe Institut. These assessments grant them internationally recognised accreditation of their proficiency in second and third languages.

“The accreditation and membership of prestigious institutions held by ELIS Villamartín ensure that my child is receiving a top-quality education.”

– Secondary School Parent

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Dual official Spanish & International qualifications

At ELIS Villamartín, we seamlessly integrate language proficiency with globally recognized British and international qualifications, nurturing the skills and attributes essential for lifelong success.

ELIS Villamartín adheres to the National Curriculum for England and Wales, providing its students with a comprehensive education that culminates in IGCSE and International A-Level examinations.

The school holds accreditation from NABSS (National Association for British Schools in Spain) and is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

ELIS Villamartín serves as an authorized examination centre for Edexcel and Cambridge International Exams, in addition to being a preparation centre for Cambridge English Examinations, Trinity College Examinations, and ABRSM and Rockschool music exams.

Upon graduation, students of ELIS Villamartín receive dual official qualifications.

At the end of Secondary education, they sit the British-International GCSEs and the Spanish 'Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education' certificate. Subsequently, upon completing their Sixth Form studies, students obtain the Spanish 'Baccalaureate' certificate along with British-International A-Level certificates.

This dual certification equips our graduates with a robust foundation for future academic and professional endeavours.

“I've been able to combine my language skills with internationally recognized qualifications, giving me a huge advantage in my future studies and career prospects.”

– Former student

Exceptional academic results

Highest grades at A-Level and Spanish university entrance examinations.

At ELIS Villamartín, our goal is to guarantee that our students achieve outstanding academic outcomes, enabling them to gain admission to the world's finest universities. However, the way we do this is important. Learning should be an enjoyable, dynamic experience where students are challenged, required to solve problems and become accustomed to working with other people.

We take immense pride in our distinguished reputation for academic excellence, but our greatest source of pride lies in our students.

IGCSE Examination Results 2023
% 5 grades of 4 & above
% 5 grades of 4 & above (with English & Maths)
% Grades 7 & above
A-Level GCE/IAL Examination Results 2023
% A* – E pass grades
% A*- C pass grades
% A* – A pass grades
Graduating Students’ final ‘Nota’ Grades 2023

Combined A-Levels & ‘Pruebas de Competencia Específica’ results (for students attending Spanish Universities)

Highest ‘Nota’ grade: 12,890

‘Nota’ average: 10,370

Between 12 and 14
Between 10 and 12
Below 10 (and above 5)
“The supportive and dynamic learning environment at ELIS Villamartín challenges me to push beyond my limits and achieve top grades.”

– Year 13 student

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