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Educational Technology

A strong digital learning programme

Unlocking Digital Transformation in Education.

Leveraging technology at ELIS Villamartín places students at the core of their educational journey, fostering a greater agency over their studies, nurturing interpersonal skills, and equipping them for the challenges of adulthood in the digital age.

What is our strategy for Digital Transformation?

The essential elements for enhancing teaching and advancing learning include:

  • Implementation of the 1-to-1 Devices Programme, providing our students with their individual digital devices.

  • Use of various approved digital platforms and state-of-the-art educational software.

  • Ongoing and tailored professional development for our teaching staff, coupled with instructing students in the responsible use of technology.

  • An overarching digital security initiative dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students.

1-2-1 Device Programme

We have introduced this innovative initiative to furnish our students with their personal digital device, be it a tablet or laptop. These devices come fully pre-configured and optimized for both in-school and at-home use.

This advancement not only introduces more effective teaching methods, assessment processes, and feedback mechanisms but also empowers each student to take greater control of their learning journey. The school fully finances this programme.

ELIS Villamartín's digital learning programme has indeed revolutionized my child's educational journey and, as a parent, I am deeply impressed by the school's dedication to digital security and their unwavering focus on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of my daughter.

– Primary School Parent

What are the key advantages for the students?

Our programme enables a heightened level of digitalization, offering increased flexibility and efficiency. It also supports teachers in delivering more personalized instruction and enhances their ability to organise their work to ultimately benefit the students.

Our benefits

The best digital platforms and educational software

Technology has evolved into an integral component of education, serving not only as a conduit for delivering exceptional teaching and learning experiences but also as a collaborative and productivity-enhancing platform.

At ELIS Villamartín, we leverage platforms that facilitate seamless, interactive, and user-friendly learning experiences for both educators and students.

All our students have access to Microsoft Teams, a virtual environment that supports video conferencing, participation in live lessons and the sharing of resources and files.

In addition to this, we employ various educational software solutions like Learning by Questions, Tapestry, or Seesaw, depending on the specific objectives and educational stages.

Furthermore, we've integrated CenturyTech, an online learning tool driven by artificial intelligence, scientific learning principles, and insights from neuroscience.

CenturyTech aids us in identifying knowledge gaps and comprehension levels among students, streamlining the feedback process for teachers and enhancing the personalized learning journey for each student.

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