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Cognita schools provide a uniquely global education

El Limonar International School Villamartín, as well as our sister school El Limonar International School Murcia is part of Cognita, an extraordinary family of diverse yet connected schools that share one common purpose: to create an inspiring world of education that builds self-belief and empowers individuals to succeed. With 100+ schools in Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East and Asia, Cognita employs over 15,000 staff in the care and education of more than 75,000 students.

Together, Cognita schools provide a uniquely global education that goes beyond grades to develop all-round academic excellence – equipping young people with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world.

Academic Excellence

Continuous improvement is at the heart of the Cognita Way

Our Global Education Team comprises of leaders based in each of Cognita’s four global regions and together they utilise evidence – from within our group as well as external sources – to drive outstanding educational practice across all our schools.

Our global diversity fuels our innovation. A key benefit of being part of the global Cognita family is the opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers across the world.

For example, our partnership with University College London (UCL) sees teachers undertake research projects linked to personalising learning for students. This work has a high impact on student progress and agency.


Wellbeing is the foundation of a Cognita education

Across our global schools family there is a culture of wellbeing that truly lives and breathes. One area we’re pioneering is the use of data and analytics to facilitate more robust and specific wellbeing interventions for our students.

Complementing the strong emphasis on pastoral care in school, we’re developing our use of tools to track key indicators associated with children’s wellbeing – proactively identifying issues students may face.

Meanwhile, Cognita’s annual Global Be Well Day each September sees El Limonar International School Villamartín join together with all other Cognita schools to collapse the curriculum for an entire day to focus solely on wellbeing.

For families, Cognita regularly produces high-quality resources such as the Be Well Comments series on issues like sleep and screen time.


Cognita is a global system of schools

Each Cognita school offers a distinctive curriculum and approach, tailored to the individual context.

Group-wide policies and expectations are set by the parent company (Cognita Holdings Ltd.). These policies and expectations relate to standards for student safeguarding, health & safety, financial management, data protection, as well as governance and responsibility for operational oversight of the regions (which is devolved to the regional chief executive officer).

Governance oversight of student safeguarding and health & safety is executed through the deployment of independent reviewers. The Group expects each school to ensure clear systems for listening to and responding to members of the school community, this includes use of annual Voice of the Student, Parent and Employee surveys.

Cognita has four Group Senior Executives:
  • Group Chief Executive Officer

  • Group Chief Finance Officer

  • Group Chief Education Officer

  • Group General Counsel

Cognita, headquartered in London, governs and manages each school via one of four regions. Each region has its own chief executive officer and regional team. Responsibility for operational oversight and governance of schools is devolved from the parent company to the regional chief executive officer. Each region has published documents that provide clarity for the delegated governance relationship between their regional team and their schools. The regional chief executive officer is accountable to the group chief executive.

Each Head of School is accountable to the Regional Chief Executive Officer.

Cognita holds a truly unique position among school groups for the sheer diversity of its schools.

Sir Kevan Collins – Cognita Board Member

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