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Alumnus of the Year 2020-21

Asya Kamraz

Asya Kamraz joined ELIS Villamartín in Year 6, from Russia, without a solid foundation in English or Spanish. However, with effort and determination, two qualities which have always characterised her, she managed to overcome those barriers and consolidated herself as one of the most successful students in the school, in very little time. In addition to this, she demonstrated her progression in Spanish Language by taking A-Level and Spanish Baccalaureate, achieving the highest grade possible in the two Spanish Modality subjects which she studied: Philosophy and Art History.

Asya was a Prefect whilst in Year 12, and was Head Girl in Year 13, actively participating in the school community with a creative and positive spirit, both recognised by her classmates and teachers.

For these reasons, and because she demonstrates what it is to be an ELIS student, we believe she deserves the recognition which comes with the award: Alumnus of the Year 2020-21.

Asya, how did the possibility of living in Madrid come about?

Living in Rojales, I quite enjoyed the tranquil, calm way of life. However, I have always wanted to live in a big city with a greater number of, both, professional and educational opportunities, as well as entertainment. Looking for a degree that I should choose, I came across something I liked in the university in Madrid, and that´s how the decision was made.

How are the studies going? What is it that you like the most about your education?

Currently, I am taking a degree in Asian and African Studies, something that I have been interested in since a very young age and now I have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills regarding this topic to later apply them in my professional life.

What I enjoy the most about my education is the way my classmates share my desire to learn more.

To what extent do you think that your training at ELIS facilitated the transition between school and university?

I think that my training at ELIS has been very useful for my current life. It helped me to regard things with a more open outlook. Meanwhile different social events hosted at our school allowed me to participate in university life without even thinking about it.

The A-Level system also showed me the importance of independent work at higher levels of education, so now I structure my time to include both compulsory and optional work.

What about your spare time? What do you do to enjoy yourself when you’re not studying?

I like to spend my spare time with my friends: we discuss different things, go out, etc. I am also quite focused on doing exercise or reading, both fiction and non-fiction, books, some of them related to my university degree.

Finally, where do you see yourself in a few years time?

Right now, I do not think a lot about my future, since I prefer to enjoy the present moment and take the most of it. However, in a few years’ time I hope to have a job in a company that works with Asia. This way I will be able to apply the skills learnt in university.

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