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Alumnus of the Year 2023-24

Maksim Shymanovich

Maksim's journey at ELIS spanned from IGCSEs in grade 8 to A-levels in grade 13. Following ELIS, he pursued a Bachelor in Management, majoring in Financial and Investment Management at ESCP Business School, with the first year in London, second in Madrid, and third in Berlin. ESCP is currently ranked amongst the 5 best business schools in Europe, and it’s BiM programme ranked 1st in France.
He was recently granted the Global Talent status by the UK Government, for contributions to the digital technology field, which allowed him to move and settle in London, and continue the educational and professional journey there.
Previously, Maksim has founded 2 companies within the fields of e-commerce and wealthtech, worked at companies such as Revolut and Financial Times, and contributed to projects with Cartier, TEDx, and others.
Currently, he is working as a Senior Manager at TradingView, and has been offered a place for an MBA at Imperial College Business School in London, which he is considering.

Maksim, how did the possibility of living in London come about?

I've always been drawn to London. It's a great place for growing professionally, especially in my area of work. Yes, working here can be tough because people are really competitive, but I see that as a good chance to push myself. I've had some great times in the UK before – like attending summer schools at Oxford and Cambridge several years ago and doing my first year of university here. My sister studied there too. All these good memories make me want to continue my journey in London.

How is the job going? What is it that you like the most about your work?

Quite intense, with a lot of responsibilities and opportunities, TradingView is the largest website in the world when it comes to all things finance, with 50+ million users.
I really appreciate how my role encourages active growth in diverse areas like product, operations, strategy, and BD. It's especially rewarding to deepen my expertise in digital/financial technology. A lot of personal and professional growth.

To what extent do you think that your training at ELIS facilitated your current professional life?

ELIS, as a school, provides all key foundational knowledge to grow as a leader within an international environment. It’s an incredibly diverse school, with a supporting team of experienced staff members.
I've had the fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a variety of cultures and languages, which has enabled me to learn several languages at once. More importantly, it has given me deep insights into how people from diverse backgrounds approach their work and the most effective ways to communicate with them. This has been tremendously helpful, as almost all of my professional journey has taken place outside my home country.

What about your spare time? What do you do to enjoy yourself when you’re not working?

I have a deep passion for a wide range of sports, including calisthenics, weightlifting, tennis, and skiing. Staying active is a vital part of my life that really energizes me and boosts my performance in all key areas of life. One of my main goals for the next few years is to continue to exercise very frequently and make significant progress in various sports disciplines.
Since I have been moving from one country to another quite proactively, I love exploring unique spots within each of the locations where I am based. Take London, for instance – it’s so rich in experiences that it seems almost impossible to explore everything, even if you tried to do it full-time. I'm truly grateful for the chance to travel often, and I'm excited about ticking off every item on my bucket list in the years ahead.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

I'm excited about growing both personally and professionally, exploring new places, and continuing to build innovative and impactful products and companies. I'm keen on furthering my career in digital finance, where I hope to contribute significantly, especially within the sustainable finance niche.

Any other interesting question you would like to add?

I am open to connecting with all current students at the school, as well as alumni. My LinkedIn -, and some other useful links can be found here -

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