Our school, along with over 100 schools within the Cognita group, celebrated Global Be Well Day. This day was dedicated to promoting wellbeing with a particular focus this year on promoting wellbeing through a digital lens by encouraging responsible and positive technology use.

Throughout the day, we organized a variety of workshops, games, sessions and activities. Families engaged in discussions about the science behind technology and its impact on mental health, addressing issues such as addiction, gender differences, and the influence of social media. Our Digital Leader and students from different educational stages collaborated in these discussions.

A group of our students engaged in an interactive session with Meoncross School in the UK, fostering collaboration between Cognita schools worldwide. There were wellness activities, guided meditation sessions and yoga for primary students, emphasizing the connection between physical and mental wellbeing.

Additionally, we conducted a digital escape room challenge, where students improved their digital skills in a fun way. The Early Years students created both digital and physical robots collaboratively and various year groups expressed their understanding of wellbeing through art collages.

To add some fun, we had karaoke sessions, a treasure hunt, a school-wide dance, among many other initiatives, to conclude this special day. It was a fantastic celebration of wellbeing and technology’s positive impact on our lives.

At ELIS Villamartín, wellbeing is not just a one-day celebration; it’s a commitment we uphold throughout the year. Our dedicated staff, innovative curriculum and a nurturing environment prioritize the holistic development of our students. We provide ongoing support for their emotional, social and academic growth. We eagerly anticipate the next edition of Global Be Well Day and look forward to continuing our journey of promoting wellbeing, fostering connections and embracing the positive aspects of technology as we strive to empower our students for a brighter, healthier future.